Cake, quilts and giving teachers homework…

… It’s a bit metaphorical – it’s a quilt I’m supposed to be making.

On the front is the plan. It’s really my mother’s plan – my mother made the pattern, my mother chose the colours, and sometimes you need help from someone else – to help organise yourself.

Here are all the bits

And when you begin to put them together it makes a nice little row – here’s a row.

These have stitching to hold them together, and some have pins – and they represent the help from others. And the pins are also painful – you can hurt yourself, and there will always be problems,  but you can go through it.

Sometimes you use a machine, and experiment and go wrong, and then find a way forward.

It’s a process, this has taken me about a year, and it will be worth it in the end!

This is actually a transcript my lecturer wrote while I was talking about a quilt am making.  Apparently that’s how I talk.  Now, how does it relate to music? Well basically we’re trying to work out how to put all the elements of a year’s learning together to create an end piece. Someone brought in layered cake! It was lush! And someone a bin full of stuff. Not rubbish but actual stuff like music and a cactus. Us creative lot are never straight forward.


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